8.2 MW YQW series gas-fired thermal oil heater project for food industry

Project Description

  The production technologies of agricultural and sideline food such as dehydration, drying, refrigeration, freezing and pickling require a large amount of high temperature heat source. So, food companies need to select stable and high-efficient thermal oil heaters for their production lines. As an initiator of "New Era of Peanut Leisure", Changling Food is mainly engaged in the production of leisure food such as roasted peanut, sesame oil and paprika. After careful investigation and comparison, the person in charge of the company finally selected two sets of ZOZEN 7 million kcal gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heaters according to the actual heat energy consumption.

  This series of thermal oil heater can realize low-pressure and high-temperature heating by utilizing the characteristics of the thermal oil. The high thermal inertia can effectively maintain the temperature uniformity during the food heating process. This thermal oil heater has outstanding energy-saving effects and low operation costs. It adopts closed-loop circulating liquid phase to transfer heat energy, the heat loss of steam boilers such as heat running, dripping and leaking can be avoided. Meanwhile, a complete operation control system and safety monitoring devices are equipped to precisely control the working temperature. It was the mix of these advantages that effectively reduced the production costs and improved the production safety of Changling Food.

Customer Voice

  The technology of ZOZEN was advanced and mature. 2 sets of 7 million kcal gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heaters had been put in use. The thermal efficiency of the heaters was much higher than that of other ordinary boilers, while the fuel cost was greatly reduced.

  —Henan Changling Food Co., Ltd.

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